All aspects regarding cars in the Netherlands

A driving licence in the Netherlands must not be older than ten years. This means that you usually have to apply directly for a Dutch driving licence when you register at a Dutch registration office.

If you want to take your car with you to the Netherlands, you must expect that you will no longer be allowed to drive with your German licence plate. However, you cannot apply for a Dutch licence plate if you are not registered in the Netherlands. You must therefore plan your emigration very carefully so that you have as few difficulties as possible.

If your car has been registered in your name for less than six months, you will have to pay BPM/vehicle tax for new cars/motorcycles in the Netherlands. If the car is registered in your name for more than six months, then you can take it BPM-vrij/tax-free.

  • More information about BPM: Dutch tax office
  • More information about applying for a Dutch car registration plate: RDW (Dutch)


Motor vehicles with a foreign registration in the Netherlands