Reduced earning capacity pension

The film below explains in Dutch what the rules are for reduced earning capacity if you live in the Netherlands and work in Germany.

After 78 weeks of sickness, your sickness allowance will stop and the German pension insurance will decide whether you get a reduced earning capacity pension. You must have previously worked for at least five years in Germany or in other EU member states and be incapacitated for work according to German law. The German pension is calculated for the years you worked in Germany. Did you also work in the Netherlands before that? If so, you may be entitled to a Dutch benefit. This benefit will only be granted for the years in which you worked in the Netherlands and only if you are also incapacitated for work under Dutch rules.

A waiting period of 104 weeks normally applies to the Dutch pension (WIA). However, for employees insured in Germany, the German waiting period of a maximum of 78 weeks applies.