How does the pension system work in the Netherlands?

3. March 2023

If you live in Germany and work in the Netherlands, you usually build up two pensions in the Netherlands: the statutory AOW pension and an occupational pension. However, it is not always clear how the pension models work and exactly how much pension you are entitled to. For this reason, GrenzInfoPunkte is organising a web seminar on the pension system in the Netherlands on Monday 13 March at 17:00. Participation is free of charge.

As an employee, how do I find out whether I can build up an occupational pension in addition to the statutory pension when I am employed in the Netherlands? Speaker Steffi Troost will answer these and other questions about the Dutch pension system during the web seminar. She is a board member of the Dutch trade union FNV and sits on the board of a pension fund on its behalf. Firstly, Troost will discuss the model of the statutory AOW pension (AOW stands for General Old Age Act). This is a basic benefit for seniors over 67. The amount of the benefit depends, for example, on the respective housing situation and the number of years of insurance. On the other hand, she will explain the model of the Dutch pension funds and which additional options can result from it for the personal pension.



Those who would like to participate in the web seminar on Monday, 13 March, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., can register at by 12 March. Participants will then receive a confirmation email with an access link for the seminar.

Please note: The seminar language is German.

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