Working in a neighbouring country

More and more employees are deciding to work on the other side of the border, or are at least thinking about it. The reasons for this can be very different. For some it is difficult to find work in their own country, others receive an attractive job offer from a neighbouring country. If you want to work across the border in a neighbouring country, you should consider a few things. Different laws apply there and people speak and write a different language. You pay taxes in the country where you work and also take out health insurance there. No doubt you have many other questions like: “Where do I accrue pension rights?†“Can I continue to see my family doctor?†or “Where do I get a child supplement?†The staff at the GrenzInfoPunkte will be happy to help you.

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Working and social security in Europe

The film below explains what you need to be aware of when you work in another EU country.