A mini-job alongside a pension – What to consider

12. June 2024

If you live in Germany and would like to earn some extra money with a mini-job alongside your pension, there are a few things to bear in mind with regard to health insurance when receiving a pension from the Netherlands or Belgium.

Pension from Germany and the Netherlands or Belgium

If a person receives a pension from both Germany and the Netherlands or Belgium, they are covered by health insurance in Germany. They are usually a member of the „Krankenversicherung der Rentner“ (Pensioners’ Health Insurance Scheme). In this case, there are no special requirements when taking up a mini-job.

Pension only from the Netherlands or Belgium

If only a pension is drawn from the Netherlands or Belgium, the insurance cover is in the country from which the pension is drawn. This usually changes when a mini-job is taken up. A prospective mini-jobber should therefore contact their German contract health insurance company to check whether they need to take out voluntary health insurance in Germany. If there is no contract insurance, you can contact another statutory health insurance provider. In most cases, a mini-job leads to the conclusion of voluntary health insurance in Germany.

The Deutsche Verbindungsstelle für Krankenversicherung Ausland  (German Liaison Office for Health Insurance Abroad / DVKA) has published information sheets aimed at people who are insured in other EU countries and wish to take up a mini-job. You can find the leaflets here.

You can also find further information on our website.

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