Check German pension information online

28. November 2023

Anyone who works or has worked in Germany has built up a pension in Germany. It has recently become possible to view the data digitally.

On the website from Deutsche Rentenverischerung, you can request various documents digitally, e.g. an annual statement or an overview of insurance periods. You specify what information you need, fill in your details and send your application digitally. If you want to use this option, you must have your insurance number ready.

It has also recently become possible to view this data digitally. To do this, you need to register. However, you will need your German insurance number for this. Residents of the Netherlands can register with the DigiD and an ID card issued after 2020 or a driving licence issued after 26 May 2018. Residents of Belgium use Itsme or the digital card reader. Residents of Germany can use an NFC-enabled smartphone and the Ausweisapp2 for authentication.

A list of the data you can request digitally can be found here. To log in to view your data, click here.

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