Job bonus for cross-border workers living in Flanders

6. December 2023

The job bonus is a measure of the Flemish government. Those who earned less than 2,700 euros gross in the period January-June 2022 and/or earned less than 2,900 euros gross in the period July-December 2022 will receive an amount of up to 600 euros once a year.

The cross-border worker, who lives in Flanders and works abroad, is in principle also eligible for the job bonus. The frontier worker has to apply for the job bonus himself via the digital WSE desk and needs an “attest buitenlandse tewerkstelling” signed by the employer and an annual statement or relevant payslips.

You can find more explanation on the page You can also download a manual and watch an instruction video there.

Do you need help? Then contact the free information number 0800-61106 (from Belgium) or the paying information number +32 2 773 17 00 (from abroad).

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