This is us

This is us


The GrenzInfoPunkte provide an independent, easily accessible service for cross-border workers in the German-Dutch-Belgian border regions. Tailor-made information is provided and the staff are familiar with the culture, language and systems on both sides of the border. Information in the areas of taxation, social security and labour law is kept up to date through joint training. The GrenzInfoPunkts are part of a large network and the staff have good contacts with professionals from the organisations in all three countries.

There are the following GrenzInfoPunkts:

  • Euregio Maas-Rhine: Aachen/Eurode (NL/D)
  • Ems Dollart Regio: Bad Nieuweschans (NL/D)
  • EUREGIO: Enschede/Gronau (NL/D)
  • Euregio Rhine-Waal: Kleve (NL/D)
  • Euregio Maas-Rhine: Maastricht (NL/B)
  • euregio rhine-maas-north: Mönchengladbach (NL/D)

In the border areas of the Euregio Scheldemond and the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Antwerp, there is a broad network of about 20 smaller GrenzInfoPunkts.


In 2018, around 22,700 contacts were registered on the D-NL border. The joint website is used by around 93,550 individual visitors.

Cooperation between the GrenzInfoPunkts

The GrenzInfoPunkts cooperate intensively in the following areas:

  • a common logo
  • Website
  • A joint registration system for the administration of (statistical) customer data and for the exchange of specialist information between the advisers
  • Joint qualification (in close cooperation with the German and Belgian Affairs Offices, German and Dutch tax offices and the Team GWO).
  • Cooperation with other bodies, e.g. EURES (especially the service points for cross-border placement) and EaSI
  • Trade fairs, presentations, press activities

Financing of the GrenzInfoPunkts

At present, the GrenzInfoPunkts are still financed in various ways, especially within the framework of the INTERREG programmes Germany-Netherlands and Vlaanderen-Netherlands. For an overview, please refer to the report “Unity in Diversity†commissioned by the “Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid†in 2017.

Plans for the future:

  • Aim for more unity in diversity (a.o. service contract).
  • Limit (financial) vulnerability. Aim for structural financing of the GrenzInfoPunkts starting 1 January 2021.
  • Further development and professionalisation of the border information system (e.g. quality assurance, improved customer knowledge, result control, signalling function, marketing).