Entrepreneur’s breakfast: A euregional labour market for securing skilled workers and employees

Many companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are currently at a disadvantage: they are probably the hardest hit by the shortage of skilled labour. Unlike the big players, they cannot offer countless incentives. Hopeless – or not? Far from it! Numerous businesses are not even aware of the opportunities to position themselves attractively with simple means. And they have not yet ventured into the search for personnel in neighbouring countries. Too complicated, too far away. Really?

In order to ease this situation, to support entrepreneurs in the border region and to give them security, the Grenzarbeit Kerkrade team, together with the GrenzInfoPunkt Aachen-Eurode (GIP) and other partner institutions, organised an entrepreneur’s breakfast at the Eurode Business Center on 21 November. In a relaxed atmosphere, the speakers were able to explain the important and sometimes very complex issues and immediately answer questions from the guests.

After a brief introduction of the business association MKB Limburg and the Charlemagne border region, Denise Leenders (GIP) explained to the guests what to look out for when recruiting staff on the other side of the border. In addition to basic issues such as “How does it work with taxes and social security in a cross-border context?”, more specialised topics such as the current regulations for teleworking were also discussed. With practical examples, the participants quickly realised what is important. Despite the complexity of the topic, the consultant was able to emphasise that information and preparation are the key to a smooth process. In short: if you pay attention to a few things, the whole issue is not that complicated. And the counselling teams at the GrenzInfoPunkte are always available to answer any questions.

Marcus Yilmaz (Grenzarbeit) then gave an insight into cross-border recruiting. What is important to employees on the other side of the border? How do I even look for staff on the other side of the border and what do I need to bear in mind?

Now it is up to the participants to take the next step. They can count on our support!

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