For pensions from Germany: Communicate changes of address online

28. May 2024

Pensioners who live in the Netherlands or Belgium, for example, and currently receive a pension from Germany must inform their pension insurance provider if they move.

The “Renten Service” (pension service) requires a valid address in order to pay out the pension. If no new address is provided after a move, further payment of the pension will be stopped. An incorrect address is usually noticed when the annual pension adjustment notice is sent out. Only when the Renten Service has information about the new address will the pension be paid out again.

As the pension is paid out by Deutsche Post AG, the Deutsche Post Renten Service is notified directly of any changes for people currently drawing a pension. This can now also be done online at Other changes can also be reported via the website. Only account changes for persons who do not live in Germany must be submitted in writing by post. In addition to the information on the account details, a payment declaration confirmed by the new bank and bearing all the necessary signatures is required. You can download the form here.

The forms available at any German post office can still be used for all change notifications. The Renten Service will automatically inform the pension insurance company of the change.

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