Tax declaration in the Netherlands before 1 May

23. February 2024

Anyone living in Germany or Belgium who needs to file a tax return in the Netherlands must do so before 1 May 2024. In previous years, the deadline to file a tax return was 1 July, this date has been brought forward from this year.

Requesting an extension

Should it not be possible to file the tax return before May 1, a postponement can be requested, which will be granted until September 1, 2024. This can be done by contacting the tax office abroad in Heerlen by phone, phone number 0031 55 5385385.

You can also complete, download and send an application form. This form can be found here.

On this form you fill in which tax year it concerns, up to which date you want a deferral (here you fill in 1 September 2024, or if you want a longer deferral a different date, but then you must indicate why that is). You fill in your name, address and Citizen Service Number and sign the form. You can then print it out and send it to the tax office in Heerlen, the address is on the form.

Find the website of the tax authority abroad here.

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