Job bonus for cross-border workers living in Flanders

The job bonus is a measure of the Flemish government. Those who earned less than 2,700 euros gross in the period January-June 2022 and/or earned less than 2,900 euros gross in the period July-December 2022 will receive an amount of up to 600 euros once a year. The cross-border worker, who lives in Flanders and […]

Working from home for a foreign employer

If you work at home for a foreign employer, this is considered work in your country of residence. European Regulation 883/2004 regulates which social security schemes you are covered by if you work (part of the time) at home for a foreign employer. The so-called 25% rule applies here: if you work 25% or more […]

Check German pension information online

Anyone who works or has worked in Germany has built up a pension in Germany. It has recently become possible to view the data digitally. On the website from Deutsche Rentenverischerung, you can request various documents digitally, e.g. an annual statement or an overview of insurance periods. You specify what information you need, fill in […]

Increase in the mini-job income threshold

On 1 January 2024, the minimum wage in Germany will rise from €12.00 to €12.41 per hour. The mini-job income threshold is dynamic and dependent on the minimum wage. Thus, if the German minimum wage rises, the earnings threshold for a mini-job will also increase. From 1 January 2024, the minimum wage will rise to […]

New rules for child sickness benefit from January 2024

In Germany, employees can apply for “Kinderkrankengeld” (child sickness benefit) if their children under the age of 12 fall ill. This regulation is intended to ensure that no holiday days have to be taken to care for a sick child. During the coronavirus pandemic, the “Kinderkrankengeld” scheme was extended, as schools were sometimes closed due […]

The Netherlands and Belgium conclude new tax treaty

On 21 June 2023, the relevant ministers of the Netherlands and Belgium signed the new tax treaty between the Netherlands and Belgium. The new tax treaty, which aims to prevent double taxation and combat abuse, offers solutions to a number of bottlenecks in the current tax treaty. In particular, it concerns a simplification of the […]

Web seminar: Cross-border inheritance – What do you have to consider?

GrenzInfoPunkte are organising free web seminars on 16 and 17 August   The topic of inheritance law can quickly become very complicated – especially in a cross-border context. What happens, for example, if you live in Germany as a Dutch citizen and receive an inheritance from the Netherlands? In which country is inheritance tax then […]

Update on home office in neighbouring countries: DVKA confirms German participation in exception regulation

After Belgium and the Netherlands, Germany’s participation in the new derogation has now also been confirmed.

New information on “Rules for home office work in neighbouring country from 1 July 2023”

We continually receive new information on the new framework agreement regarding home office work from a neighbouring country. As a supplement to the last article (Rules for home office work in neighbouring country from 1 July 2023, 13.04.2023) you can find out more details about the new regulation in this article.   From 1 July […]

Rules for home office work in neighbouring country from 1 July 2023

On 1 July 2023, a new exemption scheme will come into force that will allow many cross-border workers to continue working regularly in their home office without their social security moving to their country of residence. Participation by member states is voluntary, in other words EU member states decide for themselves whether to sign and […]