Leiterin Heike Xhonneux steht vor einer Leinwand mit Präsentation und erklärt den GrenzInfoPunkt Aachen-Eurode. Catarina dos Santos und Yannik Heidbüchel sitzen gegenüber und hören zu.

Tailwind for cross-border commuters also blows from Berlin

How can we better bring the concerns of cross-border workers to the attention of politicians? How can we ensure that they are not forgotten in future decisions? By talking about it!

For this reason, Catarina dos Santos, member of the Bundestag, visited us on 30 January 2023 to get an idea of the situation of cross-border workers. After a presentation of the structures and activities of the GrenzInfoPunkt, things got more specific. Heike Xhonneux (head of the GrenzInfoPunkt Aachen-Eurode) gave answers to questions about the problems of cross-border commuters in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and beyond. The focus was on difficulties with taxes and social security, but extended to current unequal treatment of cross-border workers, e.g. home office, reduced earning capacity or certain supplementary health insurance.

The in-depth exchange made it clear that Ms dos Santos is fully aware of the border situation and its problems – particularly in her function in the Committee on the Affairs of the European Union. She promised the GrenzInfoPunkt a lot of support for the future – and thus also for the cross-border commuters of our region and Euregio.

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