Looking for a job

  If you are looking for a job in the Netherlands, you can proceed in different ways. You can apply directly to an employer or you can contact a Uitzendbureau (temporary employment agency) in the Netherlands. You can also tell the Employment Agency that you would like to be placed in the Netherlands. The Employment […]

Special leave

In the Netherlands there is legal special leave (wettelijk verlof) and time off (bijzonder verlof). Both can be paid, unpaid or partially paid. As to which bijzondere verlof [time off] exists and how both variants are paid (fully, partially or not) is regulated in your collective agreement or employment contract. Wettelijk verlof [special leave] The […]

Holidays and holiday pay

Holiday days In Germany, you are legally entitled to 24 days of holiday. This is based on a 6-day working week, which implies that you are entitled to 4 weeks of holiday in a whole year. If you work 5 days a week, you are entitled to 20 days of leave. Holidays do not count […]

Short and sweet

A short description of what you should arrange directly Here is a brief description of what you need to do if you want to work in Germany. If you are going to work for your German employer in the Netherlands or also in other countries, please enquire at a Grenzinfopunkt [border information point]. Registering with […]


Here you can find information about the different pension models that are available if you live in Germany and work in the Netherlands. Old-age pension Display information The AOW pension (AOW stands for: Allgemeines Altersgesetz [General Old Age Act] is a basic benefit for senior citizens over 67. The amount of your AOW pension depends […]

Voluntary partner insurance for AOW old-age pension

An employee who lives in Germany and works in the Netherlands is compulsorily insured for the AOW old-age pension. This is an individual legal pension. If the employee dies, the partner is not entitled to this old-age pension. The partner can take out voluntary insurance for old-age pension (AOW) in the Netherlands. However, conditions apply: […]

Working and unemployment

  If you work in Belgium as an employee from Germany, you pay into unemployment insurance in Belgium. However, you do not always receive a benefit from Belgium. The country from which you receive your unemployment benefit depends on whether you become fully or partially unemployed. When am I fully unemployed? You are fully unemployed […]

Wage / Salary

Dutch and German salaries are difficult to compare. There are differences in withheld taxes and social security contributions. The actual net income also depends on other factors, such as the deduction of mortgage interest, child supplement and the health insurance supplement (zorgtoeslag). Example of a payslip Below is an example of a payslip: In this […]

Wage and Salary

It is difficult to compare Belgian and German salaries. There are differences in taxes withheld and social security contributions also differ. An example of German pay slip For an idea of what your pay slip may look like, here is an example: Month Year Salary € 2,500.00 € 30,000.00 Contributions – Pension insurance € 232.50 […]

Working in several countries

  In principle, employees are covered by social security in the country where they work. It regularly happens that people work in several EU countries “at the same time”. This is already the case if you live in Germany and work in a home office for a Dutch company or visit German customers for them. […]