Looking for a job


If you are looking for a job in the Netherlands, you can proceed in different ways. You can apply directly to an employer or you can contact a Uitzendbureau (temporary employment agency) in the Netherlands. You can also tell the Employment Agency that you would like to be placed in the Netherlands. The Employment Agency works closely with the Dutch Employment Service (UWV-Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen). You can also search for job offers on the Internet. Under Stellenanzeigen[job advertisements] you will find more helpful information if you want to apply for a job in the Netherlands.


Regional job search at the border


UWV, the Employment Agency, the relevant municipalities and the respective GrenzInfoPunkt work together in one building at two locations on the Dutch-German border so far. The staff there will support and accompany you in your search for a job in the neighbouring country. They will also give you all the information you need. In a consulting interview you can find out what will change for you in tax and social security matters when you work in the other country.

Eurode Business Center
Eurode-Park 1, unit 2
6461 KB Kerkrade

+31 45 7111778

Border work

Im Gebäude von UWV
Prinsessesingel 10
5911 HT Venlo

+31 77 356 7670

Grenswerk [border work]

Im Gebäude der Agentur für Arbeit
Bahnhofstr. 39
48599 Gronau

+49 25 62 93 34 29


Uitzendbureaus (temporary employment offices) in the Netherlands


The largest range of jobs in the Netherlands can be found at the Uitzendbureaus. You can find an overview of the Uitzendbureaus in each municipality here: www.uitzendbureau.nl. You can also find job advertisements here. You can search by location and by job profile.

There are two generally binding CAO (collective agreements) for temporary agency workers in the Netherlands. You can find the two largest competent employers’ organisations at www.abu.nlandwww.nbbu.nl. These also provide information on the applicable CAO. A summary of the CAO for the ABU in several languages, including German, can be found here. A summary of the CAO for the NBBU (also in German) can be found here.

Recognition of professional qualifications

If you want to know what your German vocational qualification is worth in the Netherlands, you can get more information on the Internationale diplomawaardering website.


With an unemployment benefit looking for work in the Netherlands


If you are unemployed, looking for work in the Netherlands and want to live in the Netherlands at the same time, it is possible for you to continue receiving your unemployment benefit for (at most) three months. You can apply for this using a PDU2 form. You can get more information from your employment agency.