When you start working in Germany, many things will change for you. This includes a different tax code as well as the German social system and, above all, a different work culture. We have compiled information about cultural differences for you here.

You will also be subject to different labour laws. In German labour law, for example, there is also the possibility of . Under labour law you will find information on employment contracts, notice periods, probationary periods and minimum wage. In addition to your salary, you are frequently not entitled to a holiday bonus or Christmas bonus/year-end bonus in Germany, but there are exceptions.

A pay slip in Germany looks different compared to one in the Netherlands. You can find out how it is structured under .

On the job search pages you will also find information on how to apply for a job and how to find a job.

Collective agreements

Germany has a different system of collective agreements compared to the Netherlands. Many employers are not (or no longer) affiliated with the collective bargaining association. Therefore, you should ask your employer if he still applies it. For a personal discussion, you are welcome to contact a GrenzInfoPunkt.

In a web seminar, staff from a GrenzInfoPunkt and from the German Employment Agency explained how to get a job in Germany and what to look out for. You can watch the recording here: