Old-age pensions

When you start working in Germany, you are insured in Germany and accrue a pension there. Unlike in Belgium, Germany has a uniform system for a pension in case of disability, death and old age. The amount of the pension depends on the insurance periods. The higher your salary in Germany, the higher your pension. If you have earned a pension in both Belgium and Germany, you will receive a retirement pension from both countries.

Survivor benefit

In the event of death, the surviving dependant is entitled to a survivor’s pension. This may be supplemented by a Belgian survivor’s pension.

Disability benefit – reduced earning capacity pension

If you work in Germany, your entitlement to an invalidity pension will also be accrued in Germany. This may mean that if you only worked in Germany for a short time, this pension will still be low. If you have also worked in Belgium, you may also be entitled to a partial invalidity benefit in Belgium under certain prerequisites.