Pension and health insurance

If you move to the Netherlands with a German pension, this may affect your income. Everyone who lives in the Netherlands is in principle insured under the Dutch volksverzekeringen [national insurance] / Einheitsversicherung [single insurance] and must pay contributions according to their income. However, there are exceptions. If you only receive a German pension, you can apply for exemption from this insurance. The advantage is that you do not have to pay contributions. However, you can still use the Dutch health care system. You can find information about exemption from compulsory insurance in the Netherlands on the SVB website.

If you receive a small Dutch pension, you may be able to opt out of receiving it. This will bring you back under the German social security regulation. This means that you do not have to pay contributions in the Netherlands. If you are considering taking a part-time job in the Netherlands alongside your German pension, bear in mind that you will then be entirely covered by Dutch social security. This means that you will have to pay contributions on your wereldinkomen [world income] / complete income in the Netherlands. This can be very unfavourable financially. You can find all the information about exemption from Dutch national insurance in German on the SVB website.

Health insurance

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands? What about your pension and health insurance if you get a state pension from Germany or several EU countries?

If you have health insurance through a German pension (i.e. you are a member of the pensioners’ health insurance scheme or have taken out voluntary legal insurance), you can use the Dutch health care system in the Netherlands (as if you were insured in the Netherlands). You will then need form S1 from your German health insurance. With this form, you can register with the Dutch health insurance CZ (only in Dutch). You can then decide where you want to use the health care system. In the Netherlands, you can also get help from the Dutch WLZ (type of long-term care insurance). If you are privately insured, you cannot use the CZ health insurance policy. You should then make arrangements with your insurance company to pay the bills.

The DVKA (GKV Spitzenverband [National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds]) has published a brochure on this subject.

For German civil servants living and retiring in the Netherlands who wish to be exempt from Dutch health insurance and ‘volksverzekeringen’ in the Netherlands, a special brochure has been published, which you can find below.

If you have health insurance in the Netherlands and pay the health insurance premium the WLZ premium for your worldwide income to the Dutch tax office? Then you can apply to the German Pension Insurance for a subsidy for the contributions via your German pension. You can download the application form at the bottom of this page.


Exemption Dutch Volksverzekeringen and WLZ

Application for Subsidy for Health Insurance Contributions to German Pension