Anyone who lives and works in different countries and returns home daily or at least weekly is a cross-border commuter. Such persons have a special status under European law. The worker may be socially insured in the country of residence or in the country of employment under these regulations. In principle, the insurance law of the country of work applies. This may also have consequences for family members.


Like Germany, the Netherlands has (leave) policies in connection with the birth of children. There is also a Kinderbijslag, which is comparable to the child supplement.

It does not exist in the Netherlands, but it can be applied for in Germany.

In the Netherlands, however, there is the Kinderbetreuungszuschlag [childcare supplement]. Under certain conditions, you can also claim this in Germany.

Family insurance in the statutory health insurance

Depending on your situation, any family members you may have (partner and children) will be covered in the Netherlands. For more information, click here.