When you start working in Germany, several things may change for you. For example, you will be confronted with different tax legislation, German social security and a different work culture. You will also be subject to different labour laws. In addition to your salary, you are increasingly not entitled to a holiday bonus or Christmas bonus/year-end bonus in Germany, but there are exceptions. Under labour law you will find information on employment contracts, notice periods, probationary periods and minimum wage. In German labour law, for example, it is possible to dismiss an employee even during a period of illness. A wage statement in Germany is structured differently from one in Belgium.

Collective agreements

In Germany there is a different system of collective agreements than the Belgian paritary commissions. Many employers are not (or no longer) affiliated with the collective agreement association. Therefore, you should ask your employer if he still applies it. For a personal discussion, you are welcome to contact a GrenzInfoPunkt.