Studies and part-time job

If you study in Germany and have a part-time job as a student in Germany, but continue to reside in the Netherlands, you are a cross-border worker. As a cross-border worker, you are subject to the social security system of the country in which you work, i.e. Germany. This means that you have to take out health insurance in Germany, accrue a pension in Germany and are also liable to pay taxes in Germany.


A mini-job (€ 450) in Germany is a part-time job that is not subject to insurance. This means that a resident of the Netherlands has no health insurance at all. If you still have a mini-job, you must take out voluntary health insurance with a German health insurance company. This entitles you to Dutch health insurance and WLZ (long-term care insurance) in the Netherlands. You should be aware that you will not be entitled to a ‘zorgtoeslag’ [health insurance supplement] from the Dutch tax office. In addition, you will only accrue a very small AOW pension in the Netherlands.

If you have a job that is subject to compulsory insurance (you earn more than € 450 gross per month), you will find all the information you need under ‘Working in Germany from the Netherlands‘.