Looking for a job

Provided you are looking for employment in Germany, this is possible in various ways. One efficient way is to contact companies directly (networking). You can also declare that you are looking for employment in Germany to the employment agency responsible for you (VDAB/FOREM/actiris or ADG). You can also register as a jobseeker with the German employment agency and use the online job portals of the employment agency and EURES.

There are also SGA offices along the borders [Cross-border employment service]. For Belgium-Germany this is located in Kelmis.

Temporary employment agency

Belgian workers can be employed in Germany by a German temporary employment agency. Working for a German temporary employment agency means that you enter into a permanent or temporary employment relationship with this company and are hired out for a German client. Make sure you are well informed about the special conditions associated with temporary work in Germany. A big difference between Belgian interim agencies and German temporary employment agencies is that in Germany you sign the employment contract with the temporary employment agency and not with the company to which you are hired to work for. A lot of information on employment in Germany can also be found on the EU Equal Treatment Authority website.

Information on the recognition of professional qualifications can be found here.


Incidentally, not all jobs are attractive for people living in Belgium. In the case of so-called mini-jobs (450 euro jobs) in particular, it should be noted that there may no longer be any health insurance coverage and that pension entitlements are either very low or disappear altogether.

PDU2 form

If you are unemployed and looking for work in Germany and at the same time want to live in Germany, it is possible for you to continue receiving your payment for (at most) three more months. The RVA/ONEM/LfA website contains more information on how to apply for the U2 form (www.LfA.be).