Health insurance

Belgium has a compulsory health insurance system. If you are covered by social security in Belgium, you must take out a Belgian health insurance policy. In order to be able to use health care in the Netherlands as well, you have to register for a contract policy with the CZ in the Netherlands. To do this, you need an S1 form (E106), which you can apply for from your Belgian health insurance.

You are entitled to Belgian and Dutch health care. The costs of health care are reimbursed according to the rules of the country where you received the services.

Here is a list of the Belgian health insurance companies you can apply to.

Family members:

If your partner and/or children are covered by compulsory health insurance in the Netherlands itself, this will continue.

If your partner and/or children are not compulsorily insured in the Netherlands, they will be co-insured at the expense of Belgium. The rules in your country of residence are the deciding factor. CZ will assess who qualifies as a co-insured family member and inform the Belgian health insurance fund which family members are co-insured at the expense of Belgium. CZ enters this in the S1 form. Your family members will then also be entitled to health care in Belgium and the Netherlands. They will then no longer pay the contributions to the CZ.


The contribution is a percentage contribution for basic insurance deducted from your salary by your employer (part of the 13.07% deducted from your salary for social security contributions).

With most Belgian health insurance schemes, you also pay the so-called supplementary insurance. This is also compulsory. It costs between € 13 and € 15 per month. If you do not want to take out supplementary insurance, you can switch to the public health insurance scheme, the ‘Hulpkas’ (HZIV, CAAMI, HKIV).

In addition to the compulsory insurance, you can voluntarily take out insurance for hospitalisation. The cost of this varies depending on the person.

In addition to health insurance, there is an obligation in Flanders for people aged 26 and over to join the Flemish Community Care Insurance. This is an insurance for a contribution to the costs of certain non-medical care measures for persons in need of care. The contribution is € 50 per year.