Living in the Netherlands, working in Germany

“At the German hospital, I immediately felt I was in good hands. Tasks and responsibilities are clear and the salary is also great. Three years ago I had the opportunity to make this career move and I don’t regret it. At first, I had to do a little research, for example, on how to take out health insurance. But now I enjoy the benefits like seeing a German doctor where I don’t have to pay a deductible. It’s a shame, though, that I can’t claim the mortgage interest for tax purposes any more.”

Sytse Visser (44 years old), works in Germany

If you live in the Netherlands and work in Germany, you pay income tax in Germany. You also have social security in Germany. Nevertheless, as a resident of the Netherlands you also have certain rights and entitlements in the Netherlands. For example, you remain exempt from paying contributions to your health insurance in the Netherlands and can continue to see your family doctor. If you become unemployed, you can also claim unemployment benefits in the Netherlands. If you have a child, you may receive an additional payment from the German
child supplement to top up the lower Dutch child supplement. This also depends on where your partner works.

Pensions are also regulated differently in Germany, as are benefits and obligations in the event of incapacity for work. There are also occasional disadvantages, for example if you cannot claim mortgage interest for tax purposes.

You can find out about your net income at or at

Residence permit

If you are not from an EU country, you are not allowed to work in Germany without a residence permit or work permit. You can get more information about this at the Foreigners’ Registration Office and on the Federal Ministry of the Interior website. This website is also available in English.

General information on working in another EU country

At the end of 2020, we recorded a webinar talking about the main stumbling blocks and differences. You can also find more information on this website under the relevant topics.

Our animated film gives you general information about working in another EU country and the consequences for your social security. If you would like more detailed information on your own situation, contact our team of advisers at your local GrenzInfoPunkt.