In which country do you pay taxes?

You pay taxes in Belgiumon the income you earn in Belgium. However, various exemptions apply. If 75% of your income is earned and taxed in Belgium, you may be eligible for Belgian deductions, including the ‘Woonbonus’ (Cheque Habitat, housing cheque). It is best to contact Team GWO for more information.

The amount of tax you pay depends on your personal situation. Among other things, it is relevant as to whether you have so-called “dependants”.

For example, if your partner has a low (or no) income or if you have children to take care of, you pay less tax.

Belgium does not always take into account the personal situation of border workers. It depends on whether at least 75% of your income is taxed in Belgium. You are only entitled to the same tax benefits as a resident of Belgium if this is the case.

In which country do you have to file a tax return?

You have to file a return in both Belgium and the Netherlands. In Belgium, you declare the income you earned there as a non-resident. You have to register for this with the Belgian tax authorities as soon as you start working. In the Netherlands, you declare your income from another country. In the Netherlands, you will then be granted an exemption for the Belgian income to
avoid double taxation.

Deduction of your mortgage interest

You can no longer deduct your mortgage interest if you work in Belgium. You may be able to claim financial compensation from the tax authorities.

What is the net amount after paying taxes?

Just like in the Netherlands, your net income depends on your personal situation. Your deductions and tax supplements determine, among other things, what your remaining net amount is. There are various Belgian gross/net calculators online that will give you an idea. For an exact calculation, you can consult a tax advisor or a labour union.

In any case, it is important that you file your Belgian tax return on time every year.

Moving to or from the Netherlands

If you have only lived in the Netherlands for part of the year, file an M-tax return. As of 1 June 2021, you no longer have to file your M-tax return on paper. You can also submit it online using your DigiD or a European-approved login tool (eIDAS).
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Special groups

Caution: As an international driver, posted worker or temporary worker, special rules apply.

In addition, the tax agreement contains specific rules for professors and scientists.

Further information

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