If you work in Belgium as an employee from the Netherlands, you are insured for unemployment benefits in Belgium. However, you do not always receive benefits from Belgium. The country from which you receive unemployment benefits depends on whether you are totally or partially unemployed.

When am I completely unemployed?

You are completely unemployed when you no longer work in Belgium at all. The connection to Belgium has been cut. You are then entitled to a benefit in your country of residence, i.e. unemployment benefits in the Netherlands.

When am I partially unemployed?

You are partially unemployed if you continue to work part-time in Belgium. This can be for the same employer or for another employer. For example, in the case of part-time unemployment, loss of work due to frost or similar situations. Caution: There are several situations in which the connection to your country of work can remain. The connection with Belgium remains in place in all these situations. You are then entitled to benefits from your country of work, i.e. unemployment benefits from Belgium.

If you have any doubts about whether a connection to your country of work still exists, contact your local GrenzInfoPunkt.

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