Moving with unemployment benefit

As a rule, you must stay in the country that pays your unemployment benefits. However, under certain conditions, you can travel to another EU country to look for work and continue to receive unemployment benefits from the Netherlands.

Staying abroad for 3 months

You can continue to receive unemployment benefits from UWV for at least 3 months, up to a maximum of 3 months. However, this only applies if you

  • are fully unemployed (i.e. not part-time or temporarily unemployed), and
  • are entitled to unemployment benefits in the Netherlands.

Before you leave, you must

  • have been registered as unemployed with UWV for at least four weeks (exceptions are possible);
  • apply to UWV for a U2 form (formerly: Form E 303) (authorisation to take your unemployment benefits with you).

This authorisation is only valid for one country. If you want to take your unemployment benefits to another country, you have to apply again for a U2 form. Check with UWV whether you have to apply from your home country or whether it is also possible to apply from abroad.

After arriving in Germany, you must

  • register as a jobseeker with the national employment agency in the country you left within 7 days of the date on which you are no longer available to the employment agency in that country;
  • present your Form U2 (formerly: Form E 303) when you report;
  • consent to any checks that unemployment benefit claimants will be subject to in your new country as if you were receiving unemployment benefits there.

You should find out about your rights and obligations as a jobseeker in Germany. These may differ considerably from your rights and obligations in the Netherlands.

You will then receive the same amount as before directly into your bank account in the Netherlands.

If you want to preserve your entitlement to unemployment benefits, you must return to the Netherlands before or on the day your entitlement ends.

Equal treatment

When looking for work in Germany, you have the same rights as German nationals with regard to:

  • Access to employment
  • Support from the employment agency;
  • financial assistance in finding work.


For more information, please contact (in Dutch) UWV