If you work in Germany, German social security applies to you. According to European regulations, this can also have consequences for your family.


Your partner does not work in the Netherlands and they do not receive benefits either? If so, your partner can be covered by the health insurance scheme if you are married or living in a registered partnership. The partner will then also be entitled to the free CZ policy in the Netherlands. For more information, see Family medical expenses.


Pregnancy and maternity benefits

During pregnancy and after childbirth, you are entitled to pregnancy and maternity benefits. The pregnancy and maternity benefit is paid for a period of 14 weeks.

Parental benefit and parental leave

If you work in Germany and have a child, you have the option of taking parental leave for a maximum of 3 years. This is more or less comparable to parental leave in the Netherlands. During this parental leave, your employment relationship continues, but you do not receive wages. You remain covered by social insurance in Germany, just like in the case of health insurance.

Caution: If you work in the Netherlands during parental leave, you immediately fall under the responsibility of Dutch social insurance.

During parental leave, you can claim an allowance in Germany for the first year after the birth of your child. This is called parental benefit.

Child supplement

If you have children under 18 (or studying children under 25), you are entitled to a child supplement in Germany. The amount of the German child supplement is higher than the Dutch child supplement. If your partner works in the Netherlands, your partner is entitled to the Dutch child supplement and you are entitled to a supplement from Germany.

Family insurance

Your child can be insured in Germany if your partner does not work. If your partner works in the Netherlands, your child will be co-insured with your partner.