The film below explains in German what the unemployment rules are if you live in Germany and work in the Netherlands.


For the cross-border rules on unemployment, it is important that you were a cross-border commuter before you became unemployed. A cross-border commuter works in another EU country than the one where they live and they return to the country of residence at least once a week.

Complete unemployment

If you become completely unemployed, you apply for an unemployment benefit in Germany at the employment agency. To do this, you need form PDU1 from the UWV in the Netherlands. You can apply for this form as follows:

  • digitally at the UWV
  • by telephone at +31 888 982 001
  • in writing to the address:
    afdeling Verdragen
    Postbus 86
    7550 AB Hengelo
    the Netherlands

You must register as a jobseeker with the employment agency 3 months before you become unemployed. If there are less than 3 months between the date you were informed about your unemployment and the first day of your unemployment, you must register as a jobseeker with the employment agency within 3 days.

If you are unemployed and receive unemployment benefit from the employment agency, you have the option of going abroad to look for work for three months while keeping your unemployment benefit. It may be possible to extend this period by three months. The cross-border search for work does not affect your unemployment benefit.

You can also register for unemployment digitally at the employment agency using your identity card with the online ID function and claim an unemployment benefit. If you have Dutch nationality, use your DigiD.

Partial unemployment

In the case of partial unemployment, i.e. if you keep part of your job in the Netherlands, you claim unemployment benefit from the UWV in the Netherlands. Partial unemployment occurs, among other things, if you have another employer in addition to the employer with whom you become unemployed or if you are still self-employed in the Netherlands.

Unemployment due to employer insolvency

If your Dutch employer becomes insolvent, you will initially be entitled to continued payment of your wages from the UWV. Only after this continued payment of wages can you receive German unemployment benefits. For insolvency benefits, you can contact the UWV by telephone at (+31 888 982 001). However, you must immediately register with the employment agency as a jobseeker.